We are currently working on virtual synthesizers and effect plugins for Windows 64 bit, in VST3 format (and hopefully also for Mac Audio-Unit). These are still in test phase at the moment so please revisit this page on a later date. 

Nixward - Initium v. 1.1
The NIXWARD INITIUM Synthesizer plugin is a 6 voice polyphonic synth with three identical oscillators.
Every oscillator has it's own VCF filter and VCA amp.
Two LFO's and an effects bank with Flanger, two Delays and a stereo Reverb.
This plugin will soon be available for FREE.
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The plugins are created with SynthEdit. For SynthEdit-built VST3 plugins to work in Windows they need some common support files called the "Visual C++ Redistributable Package". These need to be installed only once on each PC that uses plugins. Download it here: Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (get the 2015 version).

More information about SynthEdit software can be found at synthedit.com

Please note that I am NOT a commercial developer. I designed this piece of software to use in my own music, but I also decided to release it for FREE so other musicians can enjoy it. There are some things you need to know:

  • I am not bound to warrant any kind of support, bug fixing or listen to any feature requests.
  • I take no responsability for this software to work on your computer and in case it will not, I am not expected to offer any help or support.
  • If you do not like this software or it is not of your taste, just delete it and do not send me insults, complaints and criticism. These will not be read.

BUT: If this software is working for you and you like it and you want to use it, you are expected to donate a minimum amount to support my work. Behind this sotware there are many skills and work time than you might imagine, so please consider a DONATION using PayPal as a 'thank you' for having released the product(s) for free, without any limitations.


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