Relaxing Music

Nixward is a new-age artist that makes relaxing music specially for you. He creates the most beautiful relaxing music for stress relief, ambient study music, meditation music and sleep music. All music is free to listen to and can be played from the YouTube channel.

  • Just sit or lay down on a quiet spot
  • Put your headphone or earbuds in or play it on some speaker system
  • Play the music soft enough so you won't hear the surrounding sounds anymore
  • It is better not to play this music loud, this is soothing for your mind

Just click on one of the images to open the YouTube window and play the music.

Nixward - Autumn BreezeRelaxing music for meditation (3 hours) Nixward - Oceans Of LifeRelaxing music for meditation (3 hours) Nixward - Prolusio (complete album0Complete album PROLUSIO (11 songs)

Check out the Nixward YouTube channel, dont'forget to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel.

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